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Dr.Doctoral School of Mathematics

Studiengebühren 5.500,00 € pro Semester
Bewerbungsgebühr 35,00 € pro Programm
Prüfungsgebühr 300,00 $ pro Programm
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The duration of this PhD educational programme is 2+2 years. The students have to complete at least 5 courses. The Bolyai Institute offers 5 general courses (Algebra, Theory of Measure and Integral, Topology, Discrete Mathematics, Probability Theory), 27 basic courses and several dozens of specialised courses. Most lectures are given by members of the Bolyai Institute or, occasionally, by invited experts.

Educational programmes of the Doctoral School include Algebra, Analysis, Dynamical Systems, Geometry, Combinatorics and Theoretical Computer Science, and Stochastics.

Sample research areas: Semigroup theory, Approximation theory and orthogonal polynomials, Numerical solutions, computer simulation of dynamical systems, Theoretical computer science, Asymptotic distributions in probability theory: domains of attraction and partial attraction.

For further information visit our website or contact Prof. Gabor Czedli DSc via or call Ms. Csilla Kertész at +36 62 544 699.

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