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About the Programme

Students from Indonesia are more than welcome to join our Faculty of Agriculture, University of Szeged from the next academic year.
The Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Szeged is located in Hódmezővásárhely, in a town with county’s rights in South-East Hungary, 25 kilometres far away from the University’s centre in Szeged.
Our program includes all knowledge and subjects that are required to become an excellent agronomist. Students can choose from a broad range of subjects which are available in English in the given semester.

The aim of the BSc program is to train agricultural engineers capable of realizing production, leader, management, controlling and organization work in agricultural enterprises of different size and type, completing tasks in enterprises dealing with the processing and marketing of agricultural products and also realizing professional management duties, analysing and controlling commercial, economic processes in connection with agriculture. The thorough theoretical and practical knowledge provided by the program enables students to work on various fields of agriculture.
Among our basic studies, you can acquire knowledge in the field of mathematics, chemistry, biochemistry, physics, information technology, statistics, technology, general zoology, botany, basic studies in agriculture, health and safety at work, economics, anatomy and animal physiology, plant physiology, genetics, soil science, agro-chemistry, microbiology, agricultural biotechnology, water management, agro-meteorology, business law, international agriculture, EU agricultural policy.
The professional corporal material is composed of ecology, land cultivation, animal production, animal nutrition, animal hygiene and animal health, plant breeding, plant production, horticulture, forestry and wildlife management, agricultural product manufacture, agricultural environmental management, sowing seed production, grassland management, plant protection, basic integrated plant production, agricultural economy, farm business management, human management, agricultural marketing, accountancy and finance, quality assurance, business organisation is available in the program. Differentiated professional knowledge is provided via five compulsorily eligible specializations such as agricultural economics, horticulture, plant production, animal husbandry.
Professional practical knowledge can be gained on the pilot farm of the faculty, at various enterprises or research institutes under the guidance of designated supervisors.
Students from Indonesia are welcome to participate in any of our events organised for our students (International Banquet, Hungarian Great Plain Animal Husbandry and Agricultural Days Exhibition and Fair, factory visits and so on).

For more information please visit our website or contact Ms. Magdolna Gera via e-mail (gera.magdolna@mgk.u-szeged.hu).

Programme structure

See the available courses here.

Career opportunities

Graduates of the Faculty usually choose their careers in agriculture and agribusiness.

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Not available for applying at the moment