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Cert.IISMA_Comparative and International Law

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FACULTY OF LAW AND POLITICAL SCIENCES –Comparative and International Law

Faculty of Law and Political Sciences is an active member of the Erasmus+ mobility program and offers a wide range of courses for incoming students form all over the world.

Currently, 36 courses among the 39 are available for incoming students in three different languages: English, German and French.

The courses are designed for a wide range of students and their individual interests: there is a possibility to get to know some Hungarian legal specialities but most of the subjects focus on internationally applicable knowledge and EU studies. There are public law and private law courses, and political science subjects are also taught.

Our professors have experience in ensuring special care in the educational programs for those students who arrive with different educational and cultural background. Therefore, courses are not designed for lawyers only; they are constructed in such a way that allows the students of international relations, Bachelor of Arts or economic studies to join them.
The responsible person to contact Dr. Erzsébet CSATLÓS, Senior Lecturer at csatlos.e@juris.u-szeged.hu.

Programme structure

Students are required to take courses of min 20 ECTS credits all together. Please see the available courses approved by IISMA here

Not available for applying at the moment
Not available for applying at the moment