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CertificateGateway Online - Criminal Law and Criminology

Tuition fee $100 one-time

In case you would like to apply for the optional Interactive Learning Seminars, there is an additional fee of 160 USD.

Application fee $40 one-time

Please note that it is a non-refundable fee. You are asked to pay via bank-card payment. In case bank card payment fails, you may transfer the amount to the bank account indicated on the payment notification.

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Short Description

About the Program: The Gateway Online Program aims to give a small glimpse on the criminal justice system in the EU and Hungary.
This is a program that is focusing on online teaching with the usage of pre-recorded teaching materials and optional Interactive Learning Seminars, meaning that students can enrol just for remote studying or they can also apply for specialized training group sessions.

Further courses will be added later to the Program.

Level of the Program : Non-degree
Length of the Program : 1 semester
Registered by: EU
Credits: 4 Credits by courses taken

Start of the Program: 1st October 2022
Tuition Fee :
2 courses 100 USD (optional Interactive Learning Seminar – 2 courses 160 USD)

Other fees : 40 USD online application fee

More information on application or on the program please contact Dr. László Gulyási via e‐mail at gulyas.laszlo@juris.u-szeged.hu or call +36 30 5107072;

Programme structure

Courses of the Criminal Law and Criminology Programme

Freedom, Security and Justice in Europe FSJEU_K_ONLINE –
Prof. Dr. Karsai Krisztina
The Area of Freedom, Security and Justice is a specific policy field of the European Union; part of this policy is a European criminal policy, its study requires a radically different and specific approach. While studying about the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice, the student gains an understanding of legal connections between states in matters of criminal justice; learns to identify the innovative power of European integration in filling old (’traditional’) gaps of cooperation between states in criminal matters. Students also learn how pure European law can affect traditional national criminal law, and we come to understand how EU law in criminal courtrooms emerges and how politicians influence criminal justice issues.

Introduction into Hungarian Criminal Justice with Comparative Aspects

The course aims to introduce the students to the system of Hungarian criminal law: what are the main characteristics of substantive criminal law, and how works the criminal procedure in Hungary. Furthermore, some basic features of penal execution are discussed. The comparative criminal law method will be applied during the lecture. The students learn the Hungarian institutions of criminal law in a broad comparative context (systematic context, European context and „bilateral” context) in order to be able to evaluate the comparable institutions of the legal order (criminal law) of their countries.

Not available for applying at the moment
Not available for applying at the moment