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CertificateGateway Online - Private Sector Legal Studies

Tuition fee US$150 one-time

In case you would like to apply for the optional Interactive Learning Seminar, there is an additional cost of 240 USD.

Application fee US$40 one-time

Please note that it is a non-refundable fee. You are asked to pay via bank-card payment. In case bank card payment fails, you may transfer the amount to the bank account indicated on the payment notification.

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Short Description

About the Program: The Gateway Online Program aims to give general knowledge about the basics of law regarding the European Union.
This is a program that is focusing on online teaching with the usage of pre-recorded teaching materials and optional Interactive Learning Seminars, meaning that students can enrol just for remote studying or they can also apply for specialized training group sessions.

Further courses will be added later to the Program.

Level of the Program : Non-degree
Length of the Program : 1 semester
Registered by: EU
Credits: 4 Credits by courses taken

Start of the Program: 1st March 2024
Tuition Fee :
3 courses 150 USD (optional Interactive Learning Seminar – 3 courses 240 USD)

Other fees : 40 USD online application fee

More information on application or on the program please contact Dr. László Gulyás via e‐mail at gulyas.laszlo@juris.u-szeged.hu or call +36 30 5107072;

Programme structure

Courses of the Private Sector Legal Studies

Basics of Eu LawBEUL_K_ONLINE
Dr. Váradi Szilvia, Dr. Kruzslicz Péter, Dr. habil. Pelle Anita, Dr. Schiffner Imola

European integration has been in the making since its inception and all steps of development have always taken a legal form. The legal system of the European Union is shaping the everyday lives of not only the citizens and businesses of the EU but, through its international legal, trade and other relations, also of most of the world. Thus, the European institutions are influential global actors and European law has an extensive global impact. Therefore, this course offers a first insight into the main areas of EU law and focuses both on institutional and substantive law issues and explores the functioning of the unique creature of the EU.

International commercial and investment arbitration ICIA_K_ONLINE –
Dr. Víg Zoltán
China is the largest exporting and the second largest foreign direct investment recipient country in the World. Commercial and investment agreements (contracts) usually contain arbitration clauses, that is to say, the possibility of dispute settlement by non-state decision-makers (arbitrators) chosen by the parties to the agreement. The award (decision) of the arbitrators in international arbitration is final and binding, and there are international treaties that will help the winning party to enforce the award. This course will provide a comprehensive introduction to international commercial and investment arbitration, and will cover both theoretical and practical aspects, issues like jurisdiction, arbitration agreement, arbitrators, the arbitration process, applicable law and recognition and enforcement of arbitral awards.

Introduction to Comparative Common Law CCL_K_ONLINE
Dr. Samantha Joy Cheesman
“[a]fter all, that is the beauty of the common law; it is a maze and not a motorway.” Lord Diplock
This course will provide an insight into the development of the common law tradition. Students will be familiarised with key points both historical and legal in the formation of the common law. The main objective is for students to gain a deep insight into the key concepts and workings of this unique area. This will be achieved by carrying out a comparative study of the UK, US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. The use of case law and precedent will be instrumental in enabling students to understand the nuanced legal problems. The course will enable students to acquire in-depth knowledge of thematic topics as they developed across different countries using the tool of common law to interpret them.

Not available for applying at the moment
Not available for applying at the moment