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IISMA Awardees are asked to choose the courses from one and only one Faculty of the University of Szeged. Although the courses are attached to one Faculty, the multidisciplinarity and the diversity of the courses are provided within one Faculty.

Programme structure

About the Programme

The Faculty of Health Sciences and Social Studies is one of the oldest faculties of the University of Szeged. It trains health care professionals (Health visitors, Nurses, Physiotherapists, Dental Hygienists) and Social workers in Hungarian for decades.
We have international Students from China, Costa Rica, Cyprus, Egypt, India, Iran, Jordan, Kuwait, Nigeria, Pakistan, the Philippines, Russia, South-Africa, South-Korea, Thailand, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, USA, Vietnam.

International students are assisted by the tutoring / mentoring Hungarian and international students of the Faculty. They take part in the work and events including the autumn excursion and the International Evening of the faculty Students’ Union. The international students are welcome in the Faculty Days when interesting and funny sport events and preventive healthcare programs are organized by the students for the students. The Faculty has its own library. Next to the Faculty building a big park provides sporting opportunities on its modern running track, basketball courts and adult playgrounds free-of-charge.

In every autumn semester the Faculty organize the Student Research Conference that is an extra-curricular activity, where Hungarian and international students hold their scientific presentation in various topics.

We offer for the Indonesian students to study the courses detailed below, to participate in the events organized by the faculty Students’ Union, to attend the Student Research Conference (as guests), and to borrow notebooks (free-of-charge) for the period of their studies at the Faculty.
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Not available for applying at the moment