Entering Hungary during Coronavirus Epidemic

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Let us provide you an information package containing further useful details regarding travel, accommodation self-quarantine and the start of the semester.

1. Is the University going to provide online learning?

Consistent with the current pandemic situation in Hungary the University of Szeged has started the education in the Academic Year of 2020-2021 in the form of combined education, by obeying the regulations related to the pandemic situation.

However, the University is aware of the fact that many students/future students face problems with traveling to Hungary, therefore the University is flexible with the actual starting date of face-to-face education. In case the student is not able to join education from September 1st, the student has to enrol online and follow all classes online until the arrival to Szeged, which should not be later than October 25, 2020. From October 26, 2020 the student will be obliged to attend face-to-face classes. For students, who arrive late, the departments will provide the opportunity to make up for the missed classes.

Students also need to take into consideration that in case of a 14-day quarantine the latest arrival date is October 11, 2020.

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7 Aug 2020