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BScAgricultural Engineering

Universität Szeged
Ungarn, Szeged
Faculty of Agriculture Ungarn, Hódmezővásárhely
Studiengebühren 2.200 € pro Semester

‘The schedule of tuition fee payment is determined on the basis of consulate/visa regulations. In case of applicants coming from visa restricted countries, payment of the full tuition fee (1st and 2nd semester) is required. Details are indicated in the letter of admission.’

Those who are admitted to the Faculty must arrive within maximum 30 days after the official beginning of the study period and complete their enrolment to the university. The beginning of the study period can be found in the Academic Calendar uploaded to the Faculty website. If they fail to arrive until this deadline, they cannot enrol and cannot start their studies in that particular academic year.
In this case, applicants are entitled for the 50% refund of their tuition fees after submitting a request for the refund until 15 October (in case of fall semester) or until 15 March (in case of spring semester). To this request, the applicants must attach official documentation that proves the reason why they cannot start their studies at the Faculty is visa denial. The proof may be an official letter concerning the rejection.

Other reasons of no-show are not accepted. No refund is possible if requests are submitted after the deadlines above or the appropriate official document is missing.

In case the tuition fee is not refunded, the applicants can start their studies in the semester when the programme is next launched.

By submitting the application to the Faculty, the above mentioned rules are automatically accepted by the applicant, and are no subject to further negotiations.

Bewerbungsgebühr 35 € pro Programm

The 35 EUR Application Fee (non-refundable) is payable by programmes: as many programmes is indicated on the application form as many times 35 EUR should be paid.

Prüfungsgebühr 200 € einmalig
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About the Programme

The BSc programme in Agricultural Engineering aims to train agricultural engineers capable of realising production, leadership, controlling and organisational work in agricultural companies; performing jobs in enterprises dealing with the processing and marketing of agricultural products; and completing professional management tasks in connection with agriculture. Basic theoretical fields such as botany, zoology, mathematics, economics, business law, international agriculture and safety at work build a foundation for professional courses including crop production, horticulture, plant protection, animal husbandry, animal nutrition, animal health, farm business management and business organization, among others.

Specialisation options: agricultural economics, animal production, horticulture, plant production
Level of the programme: Bachelor
Duration of the programme: 7 semesters
Registered by: EU
Credits: 180

For more information please visit our website or contact Ms. Magdolna Gera via e-mail (gera.magdolna@szte.hu).


The last semester of the programme consists of an internship at an agricultural company. Throughout the programme, there is a focus on developing skills such as planning, directing, controlling and performing soil preparation, nutrient supply, seeding, plant protection, harvesting and basic processing of arable and horticultural crops, and planning, directing, controlling and performing animal husbandry. Students will also work extensively with nutrition and hygiene, organising and directing waste management, observing environmental aspects, and preparing economic plans, calculations, as well as organising marketing activities.


Graduates of the Faculty usually choose their careers in agriculture and agribusiness.

Jetzt bewerben! Herbstsemester 2024/25
Die Bewerbungsphase ist abgelaufen
Jetzt bewerben! Herbstsemester 2024/25
Die Bewerbungsphase ist abgelaufen