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Foundation Year for Health Science Programmes

Studiengebühren 3.900 € pro Semester

1st semester: 3900 EUR, 2nd semester: 2600 EUR

The tuition fee includes general health insurance valid for Hungary, however it does not include the costs of textbooks, accommodation and living expenses.

The schedule of tuition fee payment is determined on the basis of consulate/visa regulations. In case of applicants coming from visa restricted countries, payment of the full tuition fee (1st and 2nd semester) is required. Details are indicaed in the letter of admission.

Bewerbungsgebühr 200 € einmalig

EUR 200 Application Fee (non-refundable).

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The course is organized for students who feel unprepared for the regular health-science degree programs or who need help in reviewing basic sciences in English language to prepare for the entrance examination of the degree programs.

Subjects taught are Biology, Chemistry including Chemical Calculations, Physics, Mathematics, Medical English and Hungarian language. The duration of the course is eight months, starting in September. Progress is checked on a regular basis.

The language of the course is English; therefore, applicants must provide suitable proof that they meet the English language requirement for the Foundation Year Program.

Students completing the final examination (which equals the entrance examination) of the course with good results, have a high chance to be admitted to the first year of the following programs starting in the upcoming academic year:

6-year Medical Program (MD),
5-year Dental Medicine (DMD),
5-year Pharmacy (DPharm),
4-year Physiotherapist (BSc)
4-year Nursing (BSc)

Important notice: completion of the Foundation Year does not imply or assure automatic admission to the degree programs.

For more information please visit our website or contact Ms. Katalin Feher at apply.fs@med.u-szeged.hu or call +36 62 342 124.

Jetzt bewerben! Herbstsemester 2024/25
31.07.2024, 23:59:59
Mitteleuropäische Zeit
Jetzt bewerben! Herbstsemester 2024/25
31.07.2024, 23:59:59
Mitteleuropäische Zeit